KL Shelton Custom Kentucky Rifles LLC

K. L. working in his Tucson, AZ work shop.

K.  L. Shelton was taught to build Kentucky rifles in early 1970 by Taylor  Ellington a noted gun smith in Eastern Kentucky.  Taylor was in his late  seventies and wished to pass his knowledge to a new generation.   K. L.  may spend 200 hours or more in the construction of a rifle.  He  specializes in the "Lancaster School" recognized by historians as the  birth place of the American rifle.   

These rifles were built in Lancaster  County Pennsylvania gaining fame on the frontier in the hands of  frontiersmen like Daniel Boone and Simon Kenton who explored the vast  American wilderness the Indians called "Kantak-e".    

See K. L. and his rifles, at the Safari Club Hunters Convention in Reno, NV 

Jan. 9th through Jan. 12th, 2019 booth # 2517 

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