A typical  K. L. Shelton rifle is exemplified by a tiger-stripe maple stock with an  octagon barrel ranging from 36 to 42 inches.   Calibers range from 32  to 58.  He prefers Siler locks in either flint lock or percussion along  with double set triggers and a brass patch box.  German silver inlays,  plus incised and/or relief carving are included on the finished  product.  Rifles usually weigh about 8 pounds and measures 52 to 57  inches overall, depending on barrel  length.  Clients choose  caliber, barrel length, and specific component  parts.  Rifles Fowlers and Pistols can be personalized with wire inlay,  special carving, metal engraving and inlays.  Left hand models are available.  

K.  L. has been building Kentucky rifles for three decades.  He is featured  in Sam Fadala's book, THE COMPLETE BLACK POWDER  HANDBOOK, 5th  Edition  .  K.L. is frequently published in SAFARI Magazine and has been inducted into the Safari Club's International "MUZZLELOADERS  HALL OF  FAME."  Only serious  collectors and
dedicated muzzleloaders should respond.  Rifles and Fowlers begin at  $4000 while a presentation grade may exceed $9,000 depending upon  carving, engraving, and inlays requested. 

Note the Chevron nose cap found on many fine Lancaster Style Kentucky Rifles. 

Rifles pistols and Fowlers can be built in either flintlock or percussion.